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-successfully on the internet.

- Piano lessons made easy.


-Mark's blog.

- An easier way to learn difficult guitar riffs and solos.

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- The clearest and most effective piano course online.10 ebooks with 500 audio clips and a massive 200 video lessons. Each video lesson is right to the point - and the instruction is incredibly clear. I use this lesson series and find it very helpful.

- Piano lessons simplified - another excellent piano learning resource that includes some free lessons you can try before you buy.

- Piano chords software for Mac users. This is a freeware program that is very helpful and I personally use.

- is a complete guitar course. It takes a student from "never held a guitar before" beginner through practical, step-by-step lessons to become a seasoned, advanced player. Music theory is also covered so the student becomes a well-rounded musician as well.

- learn the violin in an easy to understand format from a concert violinist.

- Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Violin Lessons in video.

- Free Samples. Play Slap Bass Riffs By Ear. No Theory Music Instruction Video.

- Music Lessons Every Drummer Should Know - Tips & Tricks To Take Your Drumming To The Next Level - Includes Free Metronome.

- Learn To Master Perfect Pitch And Relative Pitch With This Amazing Course. Perfect For Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Singing, Vocals, And Music Appreciation.

- Brett Manning is a highly sought after singing coach who works with both novices and the best of the best including labels such as Epic/Sony, Capitol, Dreamworks, Columbia, Word and Atlantic. He now offers a complete training course online which will save you the trip to Nashville.

- One of the best sites on the web where you can learn all about playing the harmonica.

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