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- Piano lessons made easy.


-Mark's blog.

- An easier way to learn difficult guitar riffs and solos.

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Welcome to our Articles Section (and some educational resources too).
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Preparing your computer for recording - How to tweak your computer so it will run at it's best when you are making your masterpiece.

- How to get Great Sounds From Your Home Studio.

- How to get Great Sounds From Your Home Studio.

- How to get a nice sound

- quick tip.

- A brief more technical overview of MIDI and how it is used.

- a tutorial on how to set up for recording.

- An interesting journey down through the ages.

- From the University of NSW Australia. Lots of useful information on how musical instruments work, the nature of sound etc.

- Vital info for getting the best sound in your room.

- a short video on how to use a microphone.

- All about what a mixer is, how it works and how to set one up.

- How to improvise and use backing tracks to improve your playing skills.