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Hello and welcome to Create and Record Music DIY - website all about playing, creating, recording and promoting your own songs and instrumentals at home.
From experienced musicians to absolute beginners there are articles, tips and resources to help you get a head start in your musical journey producing music from your own home recording studio.
Have you have ever dreamed of playing a piano, guitar, bass, violin etc but did not know where to start? Maybe you wanted to record your songs and make your own CD to give to family and friends? Perhaps you really would like to get your music out into the world and make money from your work and become a full time musician?
This site will help you to get kick - started in the first steps (or leaps) into the amazing world of music creation, home recording and promoting your music.
All the best in your musical endeavors Read review at this url somethingbluelouisville.com

Mark Spivey.